1, 00,000 Muslims joining BJP – a sure sign of Sadhbhavna – sabka sath sabka vikas

Muslims are themselves putting to rest the doubts that were being expressed about Narendra Modi’s avoidance of Muslims or his prejudice against the Muslims. Imagine this phenomena wherein not hundreds or thousands, but     1, 00,000 Muslims are joining the BJP at the call of its tallest leader – Shri Narendra Modi! Never before in the history of India, has such a huge mass of people belonging to a religion have shown solidarity towards a leader. This kind of fan following can be commanded by a leader of huge stature. It reminds us of Gandhiji’s call for the Satyagrah movement against the British!
One wonders what will be now said by those who have been pumping their energies into declaring Modi the villain of the country. The press hounded him, the media pounced upon him; but Modi silently went on walking on the vikas path that he had chosen. Whenever the cricketing maestro Sachin Tendulkar was criticised for not scoring enough runs in a season, he would never comment upon it; he would simply say, “Let my bat do the talking”. The same is the case of Shri Narendra Modi. Without wasting time in answering such useless questions, he continued to push for development of the state. He wanted the people to see for themselves the progress that was being achieved.
More than the Muslims of the state and country at large, the media seem to be hounded by the image of Modi vis-à-vis Muslims. They not only want to tarnish Narendra Modi’s image, but they also perhaps think that the Muslims of the state are deaf and blind to the development of the entire state. Can any state progress by ignoring a large mass of its people? Or can any government/leader come up with a programme that facilitates and develops one section of the people and simply ignore another group? Have the Muslims in the state of Gujarat remained untouched by the unprecedented progress and development that the state has witnessed in the last decade? Image bashing is a favourite game of Modi detractors. How many of them have actually read the report of the Sachar committee in this regard?
In 2006 Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh appointed a high power committee headed by Justice Shri RajinderSachar to make a detailed study of the economic, social and educational conditions of Muslims in the country.
The Sachar Committee after completing the task assigned to it submitted a detailed Report of over 400 pages. Given below are some very pertinent facts based on the statistics provided by the Sachar Report which look into various parameters like education, employment and income of the Muslim population living in rural and urban areas of the country through elaborate tables. Here are some findings concerning Gujarat:
– In terms of literacy level, Muslims in Gujarat stood at 73.5%as compared to the national average of 59.1%. While the figure for the urban males was 76, it was 81 for those living in rural areas as compared to the national average of 70 and 62 respectively in similar category. [The Sachar Committee report : Appendix table 4.1, Page No. 287]
Even Muslim women in the urban areas of Gujarat have average literacy rate 5 point higher than the national average whereas their counterparts in rural areas of Gujarat fare even better with a literacy rate of 57% as compared to the national average of 43% in similar category. [The Sachar Committee report : Appendix table 4.1 b, Page No. 289]
Also in Gujarat, a greater percentage of Muslims have attained primary, secondary and higher secondary level education compared to the national average and compared to other states. Against the national average of 60.9% (and 42.2% in UP), Gujarat had 74.9% Muslims at the primary level while the percentage is 45.3 at Secondary level as compared to national average of 40.5% and 29.2% in UP. [The Sachar Committee report : Appendix table 4.6 & 4.7, Page No. 295-296-297-298]
The other aspect is the economic well-being of Muslims in Gujarat. Here also, the Sachar Committee dispels the myth.
In terms of per month per capita income, Muslims in the urban areas of Gujarat earn an average Rs 875 which is more than the national average of Rs 804. In contrast, it is Rs 662 in UP, Rs 748 in West Bengal, Rs 811 in Punjab, Rs 803 in Andhra Pradesh and Rs 837 in Karnataka. [The Sachar Committee report : Appendix table 8.2, Page No. 364]
Since the UPA government has assumed power at the centre in 2004, a mind numbing 26 terror attacks have scarred the nation. From the national capital Delhi to the financial capital Mumbai, from Assam to Surat, from Bangalore to Lucknow, the cowardly attacks have ravaged the common man across the length and breadth of the nation. The citadel of our democracy – the Parliament House, the icons of our Judicial system – the courthouses of UP, the lifelines of Mumbai – the local trains, the shrines of our piety at Ajmer, Bodhgaya and Hyderabad and every other conceivable location like Cricket stadiums, bustling markets, sacred ghats including each nook and corner of every possible town and city in the country has been held hostage to these dastardly acts. Close to 8,000 civilians have lost their lives to terror and atleast 15 times that number have been maimed for life.
Since more than a decade, not a single riot has taken place in the state. Barring a few days of precautionary curfew, the state has not even seen instances of curfew or army flag-march or stuff like that. One would like to see how many other states of the country can boast of similar peacefulness in the last decade.
Gujarat’s pro-active steps to initiate the Raksha Shakti University, Forensic Research University and other such initiatives highlight the vision of the man. The Indian growth story which has been jeopardized by the corrupt, inept and dynastic UPA government can only be brought back on track by a leader who projects the right image of India. Mr. Modi is an embodiment of the real India, an India which is strong, an India which is confident, an India which is not a pushover and more importantly an India which is ready to embrace its position not just in South Asia but in the world as a true superpower.
A superpower knows that its military prowess is derived from its robust economy, its global respect is commanded by the effective channelization of its human capital, and its actions are viewed not through the narrow prisms of dynastic and divisive politics but on the global platform that it truly straddles.
Nobody can escape the facts quoted from the Sachar committee report above. More significantly, nobody can force a group as large as 1, 00,000 to join a particular party. It is time that we rise above petty party politics and stop instilling fear in groups and communities of the nation. If Modiji could be welcomed in a city like Hyderabad, a stronghold of the Muslims, then he will be welcomed in the hearts of each and every Muslim of the country!

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