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Primary bloomer – Misuse of funds, lack of monitoring result in Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan failure

SSA Failure

In Haryana, 53 per cent of girls in the 11-14 age group drop out of school. In a society still considered primitive in its treatment of women, that may seem routine but the reason behind the high drop-out rate is the lack of upper primary schools. As the first deadline for universalisation of primary education … Continued

Centre’s failure on defence front

C Uday Bhaskar Letter to Antony

Dear Sri Antony, It is not often that I take the liberty of  writing  public letters to eminent national leaders like you who have such onerous responsibilities to discharge – but please allow me this  exception. At the outset  felicitations are due to you,  for  very soon (July 10, 2012 ) you would have the … Continued

Truth-’O’-Meter crashes Sonia’s Claim


Sonia Gandhi’s claim about Madhya Pradesh topping the list of states with highest number of crimes against women bit dust few days back. She has again come up with a new claim for Madhya Pradesh prompting us to bring out the Truth-’O’-Meter.


System Failure

Firstly, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said in reply to a query in France that India was ashamed by the attacks on the Christians. That statement is correct by itself. But it should not have been made at that place. The correct answer for that, I feel, should have been that it is a law and … Continued

Roads to nowhere


Eight years after it took off as a prominent signpost of India’s drive to be one of the world’s fastest growing economies, the National Highways Development Programme (NHDP) with its planned network of world-class highways and an investment of Rs.2,20,000 crore is a picture of missed deadlines, policy blips, red-tape, and most importantly, delayed economic … Continued

Vegflation: Another killer for India’s economy!

Vegflation - Another Killer for India's Economy

Shreekant Sambrani The cause of persistent double-digit food inflation, particularly in vegetables, is the breakdown of competitive markets, rues Shreekant Sambrani “Eat your greens!” mothers used to sternly admonish reluctant children. “Don’t ask for greens!” harried Indian mothers might well plead these days. The once-lowly vegetables have been mightily influencing inflation. As everyone knows now, … Continued

Rahul, the next PM? On what basis?

Rahul has given no evidence of intellectual spark

B Raman Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi has all the potential to become the next prime minister, at least the Congress seems to think so. But senior analyst B Raman raises a few doubts over his ability to lead the nation. Is Rahul Gandhi fit to lead India and enable it to take its rightful … Continued

Method which takes to NOWHERE


The methods being used by the government to window-dress the fiscal deficit will fool no one, least of all foreign investors or bodies like the IMF, warns Sonali RanadeThe United Progressive Alliance II government has been generous to a fault. Economic reforms pursued since the ’90s began to yield dividends in faster economic growth.  Moderate taxes lent … Continued

Nations that saw fastest price rise, biggest fall in currency

UPA failure in Business

When a country experiences very high and unusual price rise, it leads to a situation called hyperinflation. In this event, the currency starts losing its value and prices of commodities start rising on a daily basis. For example, hyperinflation in Georgia caused prices of all commodities to double in 20 days. Some of the biggest … Continued

Rahul Gandhi does a Digvijay Singh in Congress’s comedy of errors!


Congress is at it again. When Rahul Gandhi stormed in the press conference at the party headquarters on Friday it all seemed like a déjà vu of a customary Congress ploy. By rubbishing the nefarious Ordinance Rahul Gandhi ostensibly took a stand different from the Union cabinet led by his own party. Unfortunately, this perfectly … Continued