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India needs a Dream. Trust BJP, we will never let you down.


Today the county saw the Real Narendra Modi we most likely would vote for. New Delhi’s Japanese Park was abuzz with great excitement as more than 5 lakh Delhiites catered by 100 plus LED screens mingled with 35 foreign missions at the Vikas rally to hear the Man who could be the next PM of … Continued

Hyderabad rally


One of the characteristics that distinguish Narendra Modi from rest of Indian politicians is continuous innovation in governance and politics. A latest instance of such novelty is the recently concluded rally in Hyderabad. Political parties are notorious for organizing mega rallies by mobilizing huge crowds through incentives like cash, food, alcohol, etc.  But in this … Continued

Gujarat Government Spearheads Uttarakhand Relief Operations

  Gujarat Government Spearheads Uttarakhand Relief Operations The unprecedented natural disaster in Uttarakhand shocked India as cloud burst and heavy rainfall in the catchment areas and valleys of rivers Yamuna, Bhagirathi, Mandakini and Alaknanda destroyed roads, buildings, bridges, killing and stranding thousands. It was like Tsunami from sky in Mandakini/Kedarnath valley that washed away Kedar, … Continued


A visit to the local vegetable market has now become such a painful exercise. Not in terms of walking towards it but in terms of deciding what to buy and in how much quantity to buy it in. The rising prices of essential commodities just refuse to climb down. Going to the petrol pump and … Continued

Education Status of Gujarat role model for the Nation

narendra modi education

Education forms the nucleus of a society. The one factor that strengthens a country and its people against all hurdles and obstacles is education. Every government – be it at the Centre, or at the State, must focus its energy, time and resources on the effective channelization of educational provision to the masses. In a … Continued