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Communal violence Bill: govt to drop some provisions

Narendra Modi

New Delhi: Facing stiff opposition from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and some non-Congress parties over the controversial communal violence Bill, the centre has decided to drop several provisions to ensure that the legislation is neutral between communities and reduced its role in handling of riots. The centre’s move came even as Prime Minister Manmohan … Continued

Register, Vote and Change the World


If you want to change the world, begin with a vote. That is the clear message going out from Shri Narendra Modi, as he extols the youth, especially the first time user to go out and first register. With more and more awareness towards the country and its issues cropping up, the need to be … Continued

Modi paints grim picture of India’s farming at global agriculture meet

Vibrant Summit

Even as he asked farmers to ‘think big’, Chief Minister Narendra Modi painted a grim picture of agriculture in the country at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Agriculture Summit 2013 here on Monday. Addressing delegates from 14 countries in Hindi, Modi said that everyday 2,500 people abandon farming as profession and more than two lakh farmers … Continued

Rural development has kept pace with urban growth: Narendra Modi

Apart from talking extensively to BT on why Gujarat is a hot destination, Chief Minister Narendra Modi marshaled the numbers and facts in a set of written answers to questions emailed to him. Edited excerpts: What do you think differentiates Gujarat from other Indian states when it comes to the state’s economy and doing business … Continued

Transform Agriculture to Transform India

Agriculture has been one of the pillars on which the Gujarat model of development has been designed. This is just the result of the consistent impetus given by the government of Gujarat under the leadership of Chief Minister Narendra Modi. The state has achieved a phenomenal 10% growth in agriculture in the last 10 years. By … Continued

The New Age Leader

modi vs cong

It is quite ironical that a prime minister who was hailed as an economist will leave a legacy of terrible growth deceleration, persistently high inflation, and a depreciating currency after 10 years in office. But the actual reason for UPA-2’s disaster is political and not economic.

Business in Gujarat

vibrant guj

What is common between India, China, Germany, Japan, Israel and South Korea – all these countries were in a similar stage of development in late 1940s. But the comparison ends there. While others became global and regional economic superpowers, we are still struggling to set our basics right – poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, malnutrition, human/social indicators, … Continued

Chidambaram and growth numbers

Application of statistics to bolster weak arguments and support wrong conclusions has been aptly summarized in the phrase “lies, damned lies and statistics”. Numbers by themselves are never wrong. More often than not, problem lies with their interpretation. This is particularly true in economics where one may have terabytes of data which can be presented … Continued

Employment and Skills

For a developing economy like India which has a huge human resource availability, skill development is not only critical to achieve sustainable and inclusive faster but it also ensures decent employment to the growing young population. Both skill and knowledge are the driving forces of economic growth and social development for any country. Higher and … Continued

Sinking India needs a new leader !

What makes Narendra Modi stand tall in the quagmire of current day Indian political scenario? For those who merely indulge in rhetoric, and who have climbed the rungs of political leadership by belonging to dynastic traditions, the name Narendra Modi is anathema. From the 2G Spectrum scandal to the allotment of Coal Blocks for mining … Continued