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Message from India: The Birth of the ‘Mass Leader’: Modi strides like a colossus


At the onset of the new millennium the largest democracy in the world was engaging with an unusual quandary. The breed of the mass politician was dying a slow death. Vajpayee and Advani were the last of a kind and their charisma had also begun to wane. Someone may put Sonia Gandhi in the same … Continued

Narendra Modi : A protector for the peace and prosperity of the present and posterity!

Narendra Modi

Rakshabandhan comes every year, however, this time around the times are different.  The festive mood seems to have been eroded by a sinking national spirit. Brave jawans being ambushed by a cowardly neighbour at the borders, the economy staring in the face of an unprecedented crisis, corruption scandals testing the faith of the people in … Continued

Celebrating the legacy of rich Indian heritage

A defining characteristic of Shri Narendra Modi, which sets him apart from other contemporary leaders of his time is that he always preaches and practices the philosophy of ‘India first’, as to him, there is nothing more sacred than working for the development and prosperity of the nation. He attaches prime importance to promote the … Continued

Actions not acts


Shri Narendra Modi has emphasized that we need Actions rather than Acts. He has clearly imbibed this motto in the functioning of the Gujarat Government. Gujarat Government has worked hard and come out with Action in the form of various flagship schemes to ensure maximum benefit to all sections of the society. All these schemes … Continued

The Method Man

  Narendra Modi is not a tall man, but he exudes self assurance and authority. There is something of the High Priest of Mohenjo-Daro about him, presiding at the altar of Capitalist Gujarat under the gaze of an adoring laity. Modi has been chief minister of Gujarat for just over nine years, in itself an enviable stretch. … Continued

Heralding a new beginning-It is time we invite a positive change-make your voice heard

herald change new beginnings

There could not have been a more critical time for our nation, and our collective responsibility is to analyze the current scenario that has gripped India, and then recognize the various opportunities and threats hidden in the maze of confusions, misinformation and apathy.

Setting examples : Narendra Modi


The rise and rise of Narendra Modi has been one of the most astonishing political developments in India in the last decade. Somebody who was just a party general secretary and an organization man barely 12 years back could well be India’s next prime minister in less than a year. With his national profile growing … Continued

The New Age Leader

modi vs cong

It is quite ironical that a prime minister who was hailed as an economist will leave a legacy of terrible growth deceleration, persistently high inflation, and a depreciating currency after 10 years in office. But the actual reason for UPA-2’s disaster is political and not economic.

Business in Gujarat

vibrant guj

What is common between India, China, Germany, Japan, Israel and South Korea – all these countries were in a similar stage of development in late 1940s. But the comparison ends there. While others became global and regional economic superpowers, we are still struggling to set our basics right – poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, malnutrition, human/social indicators, … Continued

Congress or Modi?

Why Is Congress Afraid Of Narendra Modi For Congress the time has stood still after the 2002 riots. Any mention of Narendra Modi and they go back to 2002 riots. But the same treatment is not given to the Gandhi family for the 1984 riots. And this is just the beginning of their double standards. … Continued