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Sardar Patel’s Secularism – Selected Extracts from Constituent Assembly Debates

Secularism - Sardar Patel

The recent exchange between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate Narendra Modi on the issue of Sardar Patel’s legacy threw up an interesting polemic. In response to the Prime Minister’s barb on secularism, Narendra Modi argued that the Country would have been better served had it followed Sardar Patel’s Secularism over the … Continued

Narendra Modi and the Great Polarizing Debate

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi delivered three back to back speeches last week starting with Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh and culminating with the massive Hunkar Rally in Patna. Through the course of these three speeches one got a glimpse of a different Narendra Modi in stark contrast to past speeches. In Jhansi Mr. Modi broke his silence on … Continued

India272+ – a new home for the Mission to get to 272+ and beyond


Will Young Volunteers and New Organizing Methods be the new x-factorin this election campaign ? Armed with Data, Analytics, a swanky new Volunteer Engagement Platform and a Campaign Blog the Mission for the BJP to achieve a 272+ seat majority now has a new home – In an inaugural multi-part series of  posts  that appeared in the blog section Rajesh Jain … Continued

UPA policies weakening India and enriching China

India China

The import of capital goods for $587 billions, most of which India could make in its own backyard, drained out a third of India’s GDP under nose of the UPA regime. The UPA government also eased customs and excise tariff to facilitate their entry into India with the least fiscal resistance and consciously ran current … Continued

Primary school dropout rate still a concern

SSA - Drop Out ration from primary school

There is no let up in primary school dropout rate in the country with the northeastern states of Meghalaya and Manipur being the worst affected. The Hindi heartland states of Rajasthan, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh too have performed poorly in retaining schools kids at the primary level. This has led to a severe dent in … Continued

Centre’s failure on defence front

C Uday Bhaskar Letter to Antony

Dear Sri Antony, It is not often that I take the liberty of  writing  public letters to eminent national leaders like you who have such onerous responsibilities to discharge – but please allow me this  exception. At the outset  felicitations are due to you,  for  very soon (July 10, 2012 ) you would have the … Continued

The Media just can’t have enough


The battle lines have been drawn and the bugles are reverberating loud and clear across all media platforms. While it is no secret that the most loved politician on social media is Shri Narendra Modi, the print media is also following each of his moves doggedly.

Dignitaries laud Mr. Modi & agriculture achievements of Gujarat


During the inaugural session of the nation’s first and biggest global agriculture summit the dignitaries of India and other countries lauded the farsightedness of the Gujarat Chief Minister and the glowing achievements the State has attained during his regime. Here are the excerpts of what dignitaries said: Mr. Anders K. Anderson, Partner country Denmark’s Food, … Continued

Modi paints grim picture of India’s farming at global agriculture meet

Vibrant Summit

Even as he asked farmers to ‘think big’, Chief Minister Narendra Modi painted a grim picture of agriculture in the country at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Agriculture Summit 2013 here on Monday. Addressing delegates from 14 countries in Hindi, Modi said that everyday 2,500 people abandon farming as profession and more than two lakh farmers … Continued

The Method Man

  Narendra Modi is not a tall man, but he exudes self assurance and authority. There is something of the High Priest of Mohenjo-Daro about him, presiding at the altar of Capitalist Gujarat under the gaze of an adoring laity. Modi has been chief minister of Gujarat for just over nine years, in itself an enviable stretch. … Continued