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All Govt Decisions Can’t Be Seen With Suspicion: SC

Government functioning would come to a standstill if all its decisions are seen with suspicion, the Supreme Court has said while upholding Gujarat’s decision to develop an International Financial Services City in Ahmedabad in collaboration with a private company which was objected to by CAG.

Hurricane Katrina…Really? Or Much ado about nothing:

Indian Incs for Narendra Modi

Perspective often becomes the poor victim when the tone of a debate gets shriller. Too much hullabaloo has been made of revoking of NarendraModi’s visa by the US administration. Like any and everything else connected with Mr Modi even this episode has elicited extreme reactions.

Samajwadi Party’s Existential Crisis: Skull Cap v/s Development

The self-proclaimed protectors of minorities and their kin are facing an existential crisis as their sham stands exposed. Their singular raison-detre was an opposition to BJP in every form and manner. While their own ideological bankruptcy was never their concern, they often ganged up like wolves under the banner of their own vain definition of … Continued