Fauji with Modi

What possibly can be the mark of a humble leader? Or that of a leader who understands the pulse of the nation? Indulgence in rhetoric may be perhaps the easiest way to ‘prove’ one’s humility; but for the people of the nation, this hardly generates any interest. Listening to Mr. Narendra Modi at Rewari today, one felt that the search of a humble leader is now over. The very gesture of Narendra Modi folding his hands and bowing his head to the millions of soldiers, both ex and current sent a warmth through the hearts of millions of countrymen! More importantly, I would like to think, which leader had ever thought of addressing a gathering of ex-servicemen? Our leaders have taken our defence personnel so much for granted and with casualness, that our leaders have stopped thinking about them as a group consisting of humans after all!
How many of our leaders have the guts to openly challenge Pakistan and to ask it to end cross-border terrorism? If at all there are references by leaders of the current regime to Pakistan’s indulgence in harming India, they are oblique, indirect and singularly lack the force of an accusatory tone of voice. Our leaders present such meek, mild and timid statements on the issue of Pakistan, that instead of dousing the fire of anger against Pakistan’s devilry, the country’s ire doubles up. If Modi took a dig at the Defence Minister, who was so keen to absolve Pakistan of killing the Indian soldiers, then he was simply voicing the angst of 125 crore Indians! Modiji said that such a statement would have hurt the sentiments of widows and families of the dead soldiers; well, truly speaking, it was not only them, but the entire nation that seethed with anger at the Minister’s casual justification of Pakistan’s abhorring act.
A deep sense of hopelessness hangs over India at the moment like some grim pall. The economic mess, the corruption, the insecurity (internal and external), scams, and what not.. Even after hearing Modiji’s speech in Rewari, with 5 million others, one does wonder if Modi will be good at finding answers to all the questions that he is raising against the UPA. Well, one doesn’t know. But what one knows is the fact that the solution to every problem begins only by asking questions. And also by displaying supreme courage and faith in the country’s deliverables. Which leader from the current regime went on to publicly thank the Defence personnel for their relief work in Uttrakhand? Or their non-stop, unwavering resilience to Pakistan’s infiltrations, China’s incursions and the continual onslaught of terrorists? Are they not to be thanked and respected simply because doing all this is considered to be their ‘job’?
The Opposition parties, who have been baying for Modi’s blood time and again, may come up with a case of appeasing the ex-servicemen and sounding the poll bugle in the wake of his anointment as the PM candidate; but dear detractors, please don’t forget that the Rewari meeting was scheduled much before the 13th September!
There comes a time when you simply have to take the bull by the horns. And whatever be the outcome of the elections, one thing is for sure: Modi means business. He showed courage, passion, will and great strength to not only revere our defence personnel, but also to send across a tough, very tough message to India’s enemies – whether on the left or on the right. Here is a no-nonsense leader who will surely give sleepless nights to the country’s enemies for years to come! Its like having Sachin Tendulkar in your team – even if you have the best bowlers, the very fact that Tendulkar will come out to bat, used to send shivers down the spines of the opposite teams. The same is the case with Modi. The day he becomes the Prime Minister, he will instil fear in the Pakis, the Chinese, the terrorists, the Talibanis, the Maoists, and the Naxalites; and he will instil courage and morale in the defence forces of the country by being with them, by becoming their inspiration in all senses of the word. Thumbs Up to the new Courage Order of the country!

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