India272+ – a new home for the Mission to get to 272+ and beyond

Will Young Volunteers and New Organizing Methods be the new x-factorin this election campaign ?

Armed with Data, Analyticsa swanky new Volunteer Engagement Platform and a Campaign Blog the Mission for the BJP to achieve a 272+ seat majority now has a new home –

In an inaugural multi-part series of  posts  that appeared in the blog section Rajesh Jain explains  what this is all about.

Part 1 – Mission 272+ explained

To make Mission 272+ a reality will require every BJP worker and supporter to come together and work in a methodical manner at the local level. Even as we hope for a national wave, the ground action at the booth level is what has to convert tweets and enthusiasm into votes and victory. Over the coming days, we will see how we can make this happen.

Part 2 – Taking the battle to the Booth Level

If we can win each booth, we can win the constituency.

The key is to ensure turnout of “favorable” voters. For this, there is a need to profile voters and know who the favorable ones are. This requires a door-to-door voter contact by volunteers and party workers to understand where voters stand on their support for the BJP. Data (in the form of the electoral roll) and Technology (via apps on mobiles) can help in collating data at the individual and household level in every neighborhood of the country.

Part 3 – Voter Education

Voting for a 3rd or fourth candidate is not going to have the right impact – and in fact, it could have the opposite of the intended impact since vote-cutters can change the result by putting back in power the very same party that you intended to vote out in the first place.

In 2009, Congress won 40 seats in 3 states because of such vote-cutting parties. Chiranjeevi’s party in Andhra Pradesh helped the Congress won 28 seats (out of the total 33 it won) by ensuring it got more votes than the margin in the seats. MNS in Maharashtra and DMDK in Tamil Nadu played a similar role.

It is therefore important to educate voters about the value of their vote.

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