Kiran Bedi heaps praise on Modi

Former IPS officer and flagbearer of the India Against Corruption movement Kiran Bedi on Wednesday endorsed Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s nomination as NDA’s PM candidate. “The man is delivering and has brought good development in Gujarat. His nomination brings more clarity among voters to make their choices. However, my first demand from him is a strong Lokayukta in the state and a strong Lokpal at the Centre,” she said. Just a day earlier, Bedi had said that the “PM should be questioned if he is involved in Coalgate scandal”. “A lot of taint of corruption is still hidden there (in Congress) and many more scams like ‘Coalgate’ are yet to be exposed. Once the Whistleblowers Protection Bill comes through, there will be more things that will be exposed,” she said.

Bedi, who was in Ahmedabad as part of the “Invincible Leader’s League”, hosted by Nirma University, spoke on “streeshakti” or women empowerment and touched upon everything from surrogacy to social media to politics to her stint as an IPS officer and fielded close to 25 questions from students.

Talking on the issue of women’s empowerment, the former IPS officer said that men and women are two unique aspects of society that compliment each other. She said that surrogacy has become a family business in Gujarat. Speaking about her own journey as a woman, she said, “I began at the middle of the ladder. My parents never discriminated between a boy or girl. I was given the best education and mobility at an early stage of my life. I played sports at a very tender age and travelled all over which helped me gain confidence to work in the male-dominated bastion of policing.”

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