Modi spreads light of education in Gujarat’s villages

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, to spread the light of education in all the villages of Gujarat, has appealed villagers, teachers and schools to be bound with emotional attachment with each other and to develop this quality in the children from their childhood.

Modi on the second day of the State-wide three-day Girl Child Enrollment drive visited Devavata, Bantwa and Meghalpur villages of Sojitra taluka of Anand district and enrolled students to the primary schools.

He urged the teachers and parents to develop the quality of curiosity in children for their all-round development. “Teachers should be well prepared to satisfy their curiosity. Children should be taught in such a way that they develop the feeling of affection and love for their school and teachers,” he added.

Modi said, “We are living in the age of learning. Learning is the best method to educate the child,” he said.

Attributing the success to Government run schools in Gujarat, Modi said, “It is a myth that there is a qualitative difference between Government run schools and modern private schools.” The Chief Minister urged parents to be attentive towards their child’s health and help Government to combat malnutrition.

In Lihoda village of Gandhinagar District, the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi gave a clarion call to make efforts, as a society, to ensure that the children and particularly the girl child go to school.

He urged parents and the larger society not to differentiate between the girl child and boy child and added that when a girl is educated, two families enriched.

Modi pointed out that it is not something to be proud of that after 60 years of Independence tat a Chief Minister has to come to take children to school. “But then someone had to find a way. We could let things go on and had to change the situation,” he said.

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