Modi-Struck Jaipur responds in Lakhs.

One thing even the Congress does not deny, is that Modi is a Force multiplier. Be it his simple yet acerbic tongue or his crowd pulling rockstar stature Modi sways the masses. Simply going by the number of people who attended his rally is Jaipur is proof enough to say Modi has the numbers to be heard, seriously.


Much before he took the stage, the crowds were chanting his name. Much before he came to the venue, anticipation was high on his speech. The background, more driven towards Vasundhara Raje, unmistakably had Modi written all over it. And yes, there was also Rajnath Singh.


Such is the persona of Modi, that nobody, neither the paid Main Stream Media, nor the people present there remembered or recalled a word of what the other leaders spoke. And to mention that the rally was a culmination of the Suraj Sankalp Yatra which had traversed 1700 kms. This rally was also her show of strength, a task made easy purely by his presence.


People came from miles over. Exaggerated figures put the rally attendance at 6 lakhs. However, the official estimate stood at about 2 lakhs and thousands were stuck in traffic jams in and around the Amroodon ka bagh ground of Jaipur. It was a sea of humanity waiting to listen to the man who speaks their language and conveys their emotions in times when the government is busy uncovering and covering corruption and filling their coffers.


The anticipation of the speech led to a perfect climax. Modi introduced an entire new alphabet definition keeping with the UPA and its times. Modi thundered at the fact that Congress was giving new alphabet meanings – A for Adarsh Ghotala, B for Bofors Scam, C for Commonwealth Scam and D for Defence Corruption. Here, he paused and re-phrased the same to D for Damad ka karobar. Amidst Thunderous Applause, he did an encore. This sank well for the ocean of people who felt it was worth the wait.


Among the other points Modi re-iterated were about the Falling Ruppee. He said the government was busy saving its post and not the rupee. Hey even thundered further on the lack of Neta, Naitikta, Niti and Niyat in the UPA government leading to a complete meltdown of the system.


Questioning the PM on his recent G20 meet, Modi said, the only thing the PM spoke about was his actual submission to the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Modi said, the Congress, pre-independence was all about Deshbhakti and now it was about Family Bhakti to one single family.


Despite being in Rajasthan, he did not name Gehlot. However, there was a strong hint of the same when Modi spoke of Corruption for the first three years and then Distributing Freebies in the last year. Raje also spoke on women safety, corruption in medicine distribution, lack of doctors, hospital and poor power supply.


All in all, it was a phenomenal show of strength for the Rajasthan BJP as well as Brand Modi as he captures each part of the country with his Rockstar image and strong words.


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