Modi’s address to BJP karyakartas at Bhopal

Discipline has long been viewed as a by-product in the BJP’s ideology of compassion, togetherness, sensitivity and industriousness. It is a driver of sorts that propels the combined passion of the party towards positivity, inclusive-growth and nation development.  The words BJP and discipline are in fact mentioned in the same breath.

When we witness scenes of 7 lakh karyakartas gathering under one ‘mandap’ and willingly paying up the registration amount at the BJP Mahakumbh in Bhopal, it gives a sense of awe and sheer disbelief initially! Any organisation, be it a political party or the Corporate sector or an NGO, cannot hope to function as a unit, if it does not enjoy such massive support at the grassroot level. The grand spectacle of the mass of humanity gathered under one platform must have surely sent shivers down the spine of the ruling regime. What supreme discipline, what supreme sense of togetherness and what a strong message of unity was conveyed by the BJP to the world at large today!

One wonders when was the last time members of the current regime could muster up such a large crowd of their workers and give them a call to lead the nation to end its woes! Anybody can become a crowd-puller; don’t our filmstars and sportstars pull huge crowds in their wake? But how many of them can claim to assemble karyakartas with such discipline, orderliness and system! No chaos, no indiscipline, no breaking of the ranks and rushing forward, no erratic slogan-shouting, and no jostling among the karyakartas!

The scene simply gives one hope that perhaps this is going to be the future of India. When mind and soul are being fed with inspiration, positivity and virtuous paths, then does one get to witness such a magnanimous scene!

Hearing Shri Narendra Modi speak at the event was like listening to a man possessed with the zeal to serve his motherland. Have we ever wondered, what is it that singles out this man from countless other leaders that teem our cities and towns? It is his passion. The dictionary says that passion is a “strong emotion, an ardent love, zeal, eager desire, hope and joy”. In every field of endeavor the men and women who reach the pinnacles of life have a passion to give their all and be the best they can be. It seems that Shri Narendra Modi understood the meaning of passion while still in his womb; because he is a living illustration of each adjective that features in the definition given above.

But Modi’s passion is not limited to only his own industriousness; it also lies in his inspiring call to his karyakartas to serve the nation and end her woes. Advaniji in his speech correctly mentioned that BJP has risen not because of its speeches, but because of its proactive actions. Narendra Modi furthered this argument and added that only when the BJP ruled states began to perform wonderfully well, did the UPA regime began reverting to the term ‘inclusive-growth’. What the UPA has done is simply to take a leaf out of BJP’s book of good governance and development.

Greatness of a leader becomes apparent when he/she thinks of developing the entire nation, instead of displaying pettiness in favouring those states in which their own party or its allies have formed the government. Each political set up can have differences and do have them; but when they are generated as a vindictive agenda to victimise the people at large, then they appear to reflect not only the petty-mindedness but also an evil mind-set!

If Narendra Modi spoke of bringing development down to the last poor man of the country, then he was talking about facilitating employment of that man, his education, his health, his shelter and above all his dignity as a human being. If Modiji was moved by the plight of the nation’s poor, then is he not justified in asking for the rights accorded to every Indian by our Constitution? The members of the UPA shout from the rooftops and say that their regime gave the ‘rights’ to the people of India – right to food; right to land, right to education, right to forests etc. But then one would like to ask, why don’t we still have the right to clean water, right to healthcare, right to proper sanitation and right to decent government schools?

Projects of national importance cannot be kept languishing just because the people of the states in which they are building up chose to elect parties that are not the same as that of the UPA. Is this the new definition of inclusive-growth? We Indians cannot be fooled anymore into not understanding the difference inclusive and ‘selective (read severely biased in favour of one family/party)’ growth. Any regime at the centre has to look to the welfare of the entire nation; it cannot just pick and choose a selected few.

Citizens of India are so fed up with corruption, indiscipline, sinking economy, and scams that afflict our country, Modi’s speech came as a balm to the entire nation. People of India represent a fully pressurised and coiled-up spring; their resistance and tolerance is nearing its end. Pushed just a bit too far, and they will uncoil and strike back.

Modi has ignited the spirit to fight back for their rights, for their dignity; they are charged up because they feel hopeful; it is Modi who has given them hope of good governance, better lives and a disciplined, systematised approach to policy making and implementation.

The war cry has truly started building up into a crescendo across the length and breadth of India. One might not be mistaken in believing that today’s record shattering turnout at Bhopal might soon be overshadowed by larger and larger crowds turning up to listen to their beloved NaMo speak.

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