Modi’s Address to Indian Diaspora

Eagerly looking forward to hearing Mr. Narendra Modi’s address to the Indian Diaspora at OFBJP’s Annual National Convention at Florida on 22nd September, 2013. Rarely does one get to hear leaders of such national stature who willingly reach out to Indians settled in different parts of the world. Modi’s charisma charmed even the most uninitiated when he had addressed a gathering of Indians settled in the USA in May this year. This address will be his first after being anointed as the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate.
Modiji’s gesture of reaching out to the Indians in this fashion is going to touch a billion NRI hearts. A deep sense of hopelessness hangs over India at the moment like some grim pall. The country’s economy is in doldrums, scams hit the headlines at a rate of two per day, corruption has become the norm, internal and external security has been time again compromised upon, and to make matters worse, no leader from the present regime bothers to address the people of the nation or even attempt to bring about a change in the situation. In such a scenario, Modiji’s address to the Indian Diaspora not only reassures of better times ahead but also gives us a sense of hope and good times to come. His slogan ‘Ek Bharat, Shreshta Bharat’ on the 10th March this year, reverberated across the annals of India and the world, signalling a paradigm shift in the political equations of the country. Those who have settled abroad and who were despairing with the current situation of India, finally had something to look forward to. Modi is viewed upon as the ‘harbinger of change’ – a change towards better governance, better development and better condition of the motherland.

In a recession hit economy of the world, a tall leader who promises active, viable and effective development brings a ray of light and hope in the hearts of Indians, within India or outside. Narendra Modi infuses excitement in the youth and the aged alike; he exhibits restlessness for change, for breaking free from a corrupt system that is eating into the country’s resources. The masses see in Modi the Leader who understands business, and helps create employment. The country waits with bated breath for Modi to replicate the Gujarat model in the entire country!

When Modi said in the last speech to the Indians in the USA that winning or losing elections is not important, service to the people is what counts, the countrymen understood that the wait for the humblest and the most efficient leader is over.

A country can be energised on the way to progress and development only when its leaders take positivity out from their bags and spread it across the nation like and enthusiastic infection! Besides this, supreme courage and faith in the country’s deliverables has to be reposed to. Millions of Indians outside their motherland will look forward to hearing not a political leader, but a visionary, who had the courage to take on the world at large with his faith in his countrymen. In the past week or so, Modiji has shown great courage, passion and will to send across a tough, very tough message to India’s enemies – either on the left or on the right.

For those Indians who would like to come back to their motherland, to their roots, Modiji wants to create a secure, independent and a progressive nation. The harbinger of development is surely going to carve a path of excellence and ecstasy for the country to realise its varied dreams. Since more than a decade, not a single riot has taken place in the state. Barring a few days of precautionary curfew, the state has not even seen instances of curfew or army flag-march or stuff like that. One would like to see how many other states of the country can boast of similar peacefulness in the last decade.

Gujarat’s pro-active steps to initiate the Raksha Shakti University, Forensic Research University and other such initiatives highlight the vision of the man. The Indian growth story which has been jeopardized by self-centered interests can only be brought back on track by a leader who projects the right image of India. Mr. Modi is an embodiment of the real India, an India which is strong, an India which is confident, an India which is not a pushover and more importantly an India which is ready to embrace its position not just in South Asia but in the world as a true superpower.

A superpower knows that its military prowess is derived from its robust economy, its global respect is commanded by the effective channelization of its human capital, and its actions are viewed not through the narrow prisms of dynastic and divisive politics but on the global platform that it truly straddles.


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