Modi’s Gujarat vs Sheila’s Delhi

Sheila Dikshit seems so rattled by an impending defeat in the upcoming elections that she has indulged in a round of lies to divert attention from her dismal record from the recent past. Her clever attempts at deflection now involve using Narendra Modi as a smokescreen to hide the truth even as her spin doctors peddle a set of lies.

Sheila Dikshit recently proclaimed Delhi was more developed than Gujarat. So is she endorsing the Gujarat Model?

After all if you are going to use Gujarat as the reference point for comparing the development in any state then you are conceding the argument that the Gujarat Model is the benchmark for development.

Does a comparison of Delhi, the national capital, with Gujarat a geographically diverse state even make sense?

Before we get into that it is necessary to dwell into geo-political background of Gujarat and Delhi.

Gujarat carries along a baggage of disadvantages like having a very high % of tribal population (90 Lakh i.e. 15 per cent) as compared to 8 per cent nationally and around 60 lakh people of the State live along the coast. On top of it it a large part of the State is an arid and semi-arid area with drought-prone areas.

On the other hand, Delhi houses the capital of India and carries forward a rich legacy of privileges and advantages. In spite of these, today Gujarat has zoomed ahead on all fronts.

Gujarat’s GDP growth outpaces Delhi

While Delhi has been a powerhouse in terms of GDP for a long time, partly owing to the investments coming in to HQs situated in the capital city, Narendra Modi-propelled Gujarat has overpowered Delhi in terms of GDP growth. According to the Planning Commission, in the decade between 2001-2002 to 2010-2011, the GDP growth of Gujarat was 10.18, while the GDP growth rate for Delhi was 9.7.

Citizens in Gujarat turn wealthier at a faster pace than Delhi

The per capita income of Gujarat (at constant 2004-2005 prices), according to the Planning Commission was an ordinary Rs 17,226 in 2001. After Narendra Modi took over, the incomes of Gujaratis surged fastest in the country in the decade between 2001-2002 and 2010-2011. The Per Capita Income of Gujarat saw a threefold rise as it reached Rs 52708. While Per capita income of Gujarat had a 205 per cent surge, Delhi’s performance paled in comparison. Delhi’s per capita income increased by 179 per cent, left behind by Gujarat.

Poverty in Delhi increases, while Gujarat uplifts the poor

Decrease in poverty has been a uniform phenomenon across India, the only debating point has been the rate at which the states have reduced poverty. But Delhi tells a completely different story. Poverty actually increased in Delhi under Sheila Dikshit. The no of people below poverty line in Delhi in 1999-2000 were 11.49 lakh. This increased to 16.96 lakh people in 2011-12.

On the other hand, poverty in Gujarat decreased considerably from 33.1 per cent in 2004-2005 to 16.6 per cent in 2011-12.

Gujarat trumps Delhi in terms of social indicators

No discussion on Gujarat is complete till malnutrition is discussed and dissected. But it is common knowledge that malnutrition in Gujarat has decreased significantly. In stark contrast, malnutrition in Delhi has increased from 26.1 per cent to 49.91 per cent in the last 5 years. Yes, Delhi is also the malnutrition capital of the country.

While the sex ratio in Gujarat is 918 females per 1000 males, the sex ratio in Delhi is a ghastly 866 females per 1000 males. In spite of a female Chief Minister for 15 years.

Sheila Dikshit preaches, Gujarat educates

Education has been a sector where Gujarat has ensured all round development. The teacher to pupil ratio for primary education in Gujarat is 1:29 whereas this ratio is 1:34 for Delhi.

Also against the 42 universities in Gujarat, there are 8 universities in Delhi. For 1762 colleges in Gujarat, there are 187 colleges in Delhi and for the 1054 ITIs in Gujarat there are 17 ITIs in Delhi.

It is anyone’s guess after these facts as to where Gujarat and Delhi stand. But because Sheila Dikshit said Delhi is far ahead of Gujarat, she must also know where Delhi leads Gujarat.

Sheila Dikshit trumps Narendra Modi in Fake Encounters, Rapes and Corruption

Well, between 2009-12, a small state like Delhi had 7 fake encounters against the 4 alleged fake encounters for a large State like Gujarat.

While a populous and a large state like Gujarat recorded 465 rapes in 2012, Delhi outscored it with 706 cases in 2012. Delhi again maintains its lead with 806 cases of rape reported in just the first six months of this year.

Delhi also manages to beat Gujarat in one more area, that is corruption. The CWG was a great example in Sheila Dikshit’s prowess where corruption worth more than Rs 2,340 crores occurred. Sadly Gujarat, or Narendra Modi cannot compete or beat Sheila Dikshit in this feat.

Sheila Dikshit’s comments only go to show the mirror on the reality of her own sorry record in Office. The bottomline though is that Gujarat has been at the forefront of a developmental revolution in the past decade and petty claims from the likes of Sheila Dikshit will not change that one bit.

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