Narendra Modi in Ambikapur on 7th September, 2013

Narendra Modi’s historic speech in Ambikapur on 7th September, 2013, bears testimony to the fact that great leaders show direction to the nation for their march to progress and development. While good politics translates itself into developing sensitivity towards the millions of our nation, good governance indicates a readiness to learn to deliver; irrespective of the fact that the learning might be based on the success achieved by a different government in a different state. Mr. Modi’s references to Mrs. Indira Gandhi was the mark of a leader dedicated only to the cause of proactive development of a nation and its people; programmes launched by a Prime Minister of the Opposite party can have no deterrent effect on the will of a true leader to serve the nation and aim for the upliftment of the poorest of the poor.
The spectacle of thousands of people gathered to listen to Mr. Modi, in a remote location of a seemingly developing state, had to be seen to be believed. Here was somebody who was not playing divisive politics, or trying to generate casteist vote banks; but someone who has a plan to rescue our nation from its quagmire of sinking economy and scintillating scams. It was also exhilarating to witness a leader not afraid to address thousands of people in the open, not shying away from reaching out to the last man sitting in the last row of the mass assembled to hear him speak.
Amicable resolution of oppositional stands projected by factions of people in any nation, have to be addressed with great care, sensitivity and semblance. A government that fails to build this delicate yet firm bridge between the said factions falls short of posterity’s expectations. Mr. Modi’s reference to the formation of Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, and Jharkhand in an amiable atmosphere, and the formation of Telangana in a hostile atmosphere corroborates his stand of looking into the pulse of the problem with sensitivity and sympathy. Invoking the Muse before beginning to speak to the gathered mass, as is his customary tradition, Modiji called upon the youth of the nation to come forward and join hands in the development of our great nation. The nation and its people have to come together, indeed have to be brought together by true visionary leaders, who look forward and press for solidarity and sensitivity. Continual referral by the ruling party to view Opposition’s demands as simply an A & B contest is leading to redundancy of governance, healthy relationship, and is generating a kind of divisive categorisation of politics, that was rarely witnessed before in the country. The formidability of a leader is not his aggression, but his assertion towards positive goal orientation of an entire nation, and not just a section of society.
Appeasement of a section of society is akin to the divisive principle of ‘divide and rule’. It may give ideas to a party leadership that the kingdom has been won. But its temporary nature becomes obvious in days that can be counted on our fingertips. Mr. Modi’s stand against such line taken by the ruling party has been exemplified time and again. March towards progress can be achieved if only the marchers are walking together, made to walk together, in one direction; conflicting stands expressed by short-sighted leaders slip the nation into the present quagmire into which it has presently descended.
Mr. Modi’s unifying stand in building the nation which will be free of corruption and false promises, came as a balm to millions, who not have been starved of leaders speaking to them, but who are also tired and fed up of un kept promises. Mr. Modi displayed a rare determination and grit to overcome the ills ailing our country. The begging bowl was given a go, and the hard-working hands were on the show! This speaks volumes of a leader who will endeavour tirelessly for the fulfilment of his nation’s dreams. Because he dreams not to become something, but to do something

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