Sinking India needs a new leader !

What makes Narendra Modi stand tall in the quagmire of current day Indian political scenario? For those who merely indulge in rhetoric, and who have climbed the rungs of political leadership by belonging to dynastic traditions, the name Narendra Modi is anathema. From the 2G Spectrum scandal to the allotment of Coal Blocks for mining purpose, the current UPA Govt. has hampered and handicapped the nation, more than serving its people. Today, citizens of India face a crippling economy, and the trio at the centre – Dr. Manmohan Singh, Shri P. Chidambaram and Montek Singh Ahluwalia – are not even in a position to provide it with a couple of crutches! A sinking economy could well become the UPA’s Waterloo. The Prime Minister pretends all’s well with the economy, but don’t we know facts and figures to be otherwise.

The ministers of the present Government, and particularly those of the Congress, could not even keep aid meant for humanitarian purposes, free from corruption. One of its ministers was deeply involved in the oil-for-food scam, which was in fact begun by the United Nations! India had to hang its head in shame in the International arena.

Making India the cause of International embarrassment seems to be the main occupation of the UPA Government. Remember the CWG scam and its main perpetrator, Suresh Kalmadi? A babu-cum-neta, who siphoned off a huge chunk of the money meant for the preparation of the Commonwealth Games, caused India acute shame right before the beginning of the Games. A country like Brazil has been able to bag the host status for the Football World Cup, as well as for the next Olympic Games. Does the Prime Minister think that the laughing stock to which the nation had been reduced to in the Common Wealth Games, will ever inspire the IOA to grant host status to India anytime in the near future?

Indians have been subjected to non-stop terrorist activities from across the border. A band of terrorists simply crossed the Arabian Sea and entered the heartland of India’s commercial capital – Mumbai! Our soldiers are beheaded by the Pakistanis, the Chinese infiltrate our territories; and the silent Prime Minister just offers a wreath of flowers to their Samadhi on the Independence Day! Are we to become sitting ducks to such continued onslaught?

Some regional parties claim that the development model of their states is ‘better’ and more successful; but, figures show otherwise. We will take a look at a few established indicators to judge the economy of any region. For example, the Per capita income of Gujarat in the financial year 2012 was Rs. 89. 668; that of Tamil Nadu Rs. 84, 496; and that of Bihar it was 22, 691.

Such parties and leaders forget that development is not an isolated war of figures, which anyways Modi’s Gujarat is winning, but it basically means an in-depth insight into the state’s machinery and governance, the generation of a political ambience that encourages trade and commerce, an acute awareness of the infrastructural support required for the same, provision of water and power, to have an insight towards tapping the State’s natural resources to the best possible use, setting up a bureaucratic system that is people-friendly and which is tuned to systematise the state’s resources.

A weak leader, who represents a pawn, and for all purposes looks up to the King for managing affairs of the State/Nation will hardly be equal to such a mammoth task.   For all this is required the presence of a leader who inspires and instils confidence in the millions who look up to him, a leader who aspires to serve – not loot – and who has himself risen from the rank and file of the common man. Mr. Narendra Modi has had no political ‘godfather’. His God and Father in Indian politics have just been ‘Sewa’ and ‘Shraddha’. Sewa towards those who need upliftment, and Shraddha towards the millions of Indians with him he shares a brotherhood.

As Rahul Sachitanand wrote in The Economic Times on August 1, 2013: “In the five years before Modi took charge, the state’s average growth in GDP was 2.8%. Under him, between 2002-03 and 2011-12, it was 10.3%. Only three small states – Sikkim, Uttarakhand  and Delhi – have grown faster. Gujarat is ahead of the national average (7.9%), as well as the two states it is pitted against repeatedly, Bihar (8.4%) and Madhya Pradesh (7.1%). It has leapfrogged Maharashtra to lead in factory output, grown well in agriculture, and been a leader in electricity reform and the spread of irrigation.

Much is written at Gujarat’s poor show in the Human Development Index. However, once again, the figures suggest otherwise: the HDI of Maharashtra in the year 2011 was recorded at .572; that of Tamil Nadu at .570; and Gujarat came third in the list at .527. But it was still miles ahead than Karnataka (at .519), Andhra Pradesh (at .473), and Uttar Pradesh (at .380). Bihar is a dismal .367, and ranks 10th in the country.

In times of crisis, the countrymen look to a leader who can instil confidence and give them courage to dream of a better future to come.

Pushed to the brink by non-stop scandals and scams, suffocating the power of expenditure by stifling the economy, using up lakhs of crores of rupees of the public in devious schemes like the NREGA and the Food Security Bill, and de-moralising the Armed forces by display of such weakness at the borders, the Indians now need a leader who will at least attempt to pull the country out of the slush it has been engulfed into. Countries don’t tumble overnight, certainly not as large as India; the current mess is due to the failure of the UPA Govt. at every front. Their policy making has gone horribly wrong. The policies were as it is intended to evict a knee-jerk reaction; policies were intended for the few and far between, and gave a bypass to the millions who would have benefitted. Shri Narendra Modi has not ascended to power gloating on the laurels of his forefathers; instead, he has made development of all his mantra. If he could roar in the heart of Hyderabad, asking the Telanganis and the Seemandhar to move forward with togetherness, then it simply means that the Indians have realised that a new Sun is about to rise on their horizon. A Sun that will burn to energise the country, to suffuse its people with enthusiasm and self-respect, to inspire young hearts to repose faith once again in the country’s forward march to becoming a Superpower and a Sun that will light up the hearts of trillions of Indians – it will be a Sun that will never set!

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