The Media just can’t have enough

The battle lines have been drawn and the bugles are reverberating loud and clear across all media platforms. While it is no secret that the most loved politician on social media is Shri Narendra Modi, the print media is also following each of his moves doggedly.

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The front page pictures carried by all leading dailies in India after his speech in Jaipur were enough for any layman to understand the mass hysteria that ShriModi evokes wherever he goes. The throngs of people scrambling to take just a glimpse of the man and the traffic jams stretching for miles that Jaipur witnessed after his speech is just a trailer of forthcoming attractions.

ShriModi’s speech at SuraajSankalp rally in Jaipur was extensively covered by leading newspapers of the country.

An article in The Hindu titled – ‘A for Adarsh Scam, B for Bofors’ said “Taking a dig at Congress over a series of corruption cases coming to light, Mr. Modi said Congress should draft a book for students with a new terminology in which they would learn alphabets “A for Adarsh scam, B for Bofors scam, C for Coalgate and Commonwealth Games scam and D for defence corruption and DamadKaKarobar (son-in-law’s business)”.

The article in Hindustan Times noted the presence of princess of the Jaipur royal family DiyaKumari and Olympian shooter Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore in the rally. The article further talks about ShriModi severely criticizing the present government and particularly the PM. To quote from the article – “Modi said that the people don’t know what is happening in the country. Our prime minister (Manmohan Singh) went to participate in the G-20 Summit. He returned, but no one in country knows what issues he raised there, what he told the international community. All he said was – who he wants to work under.”

Palak Nandi from Times of India hailed ShriNarendraModi as the ‘show stopper’ of the SuraajSankalpSammelan. In her article she says “Known for his orating skills, Modi cleverly used his words to further uplift the mood of the enthusiastic crowds. The change in the wind direction is a signal to the changing times in the state,” said Modi, to the cheering crowd. In his speech, the Gujarat chief minister lashed out at the Congress for forming a government which was neither responsible nor accountable. He called for a Congress-free government to eradicate corruption in the country.”

In a balanced article on India Today’s website, Sudhanshu Mishra writes “Taking a dig at UPA government Modi said that it had neither neta (leader) nor naitikta (morality) nor niti (policies) nor neeyat (intention). The country couldn’t be left in their hands, he asserted. He urged the youth who have attained the age of 18 to enroll themselves in the electoral roll which was a guarantee for saving the country from the Congress. Like several other occasions in life, like birth and marriage, which are celebrated one’s enrolment in voters’ list should also be celebrated, he added.”

The article in Asian Age noted a significant presence of Muslims in traditional attire in the crowd and scenes of BJP party workers distributing skull caps. BJP minority cell workers were noted saying that they are proud muslims in support of NarendraModi.


Noted website niticentral carried an article titled “Storm raged by the youth will uproot Congress from Jaipur and Delhi: Modistated ‘Addressing a rally in Jaipur, he (NarendraModi) called the youth as a catalyst and cited that “the energy and enthusiasm observed in the crowd will raise a storm. And this storm is going to uproot the Congress not only in Rajasthan but also in Delhi

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